Cordless Drill Hub Announces their 2019 Picks for Best Power Tools

Today, Cordless Drill Hub, a company specializing in analyzing the latest power tools, announced that they have released their 2019 list of best power tools.

— Cordless Drill Hub is a company that analyzes the latest power tools, cordless drills and impact drivers to help simplify consumers choices. The company breaks down the products and talks about their experiences with them. They go into the pros and cons of each model and also give an idea of who the product is for.

John, the CEO of Cordless Drill Hub said: “There are too many different options for consumers to choose from. My clients were always confused and astounded at the vast number of options, so we decided that we would try and simplify their choice.”

The website offers both pros and cons of cordless drills and impact drivers so that consumers can understand the products as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Their cordless power tool reviews aim to clarify who the product is for.

The site analyzes different brands of cordless drills and other power tools so that consumers can learn about alternative solutions.

When asked for clarification on the alternative solutions, John stated: “There is a vast difference in power tools made for DIY and power tools made for professional contractors, but the choice for consumers isn’t always obvious. This may lead them to purchase tools that are too powerful for their needs and spend their hard earned money on products they don’t even need.”

Cordless Drill Hub was created after realizing the mass confusion among consumers of cordless power tools. Using their experience with power tools, they inform consumers worldwide about alternative solutions and products.

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Website: https://cordlessdrillhub.com

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ICMediaDirect on Your Google Reputation Counts: here’s why

One of ICMD’s leading marketing specialists reveals why Google plays such a crucial role in today’s Internet-driven society.

Effective and modern public relations are based on online reputation management because you are what the Google search results say about you. Anyone who spent many years and millions of dollars to become fruitful can be harmed with and by negative postings in a matter of minutes. New York-based IC Media Direct is a specialist in reputation management and has honed the art of working with Google algorithms to minimize negative results while boosting brand-positive messages to a higher page ranking.

Asked about the secrets of a stellar online reputation, one of ICMD’s leading marketing specialists reveals why Google plays such a crucial role in today’s Internet-driven society. “The first step to effectively managing your online reputation is to always assume that you will be Googled,” he explains. “This may seem rather obvious, but even this most basic fact is sometimes downplayed or overlooked until the time is too late and damage has been done. Assume that if a piece of information is online, it will be found eventually.”

Another helpful tool for online reputation management is to take advantage of every social media platform available. Thus, in addition to managing Google searches, IC Media Direct takes control over all major Social Media platforms on behalf of their clients to further boost their positive online presence. To strengthen that effect, the marketing experts at ICMD regularly post consistent, brand-cohesive messages. At the same time, clients can take up the opportunity to receive feedback through their social media accounts, communicate with existing or potential customers, and encourage them to spread the company’s message.

ICMediaDirect.com is the worldwide leader in reputation management and provides its professional services to companies and individuals in 49 different countries. The company was founded in 1996, two years before Google, and has been exceptionally successful at developing effective strategies that allow 100% control of search results.

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management: http://icmediadirectnews.com

ICMediaDirect Online – Reputation Management & Public Relations: http://icmediadirectonline.com

ICMediaDirect – Reviews & Reputation Services: http://icmediadirectreviewsreputation.com

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Organization: ICMediaDirect.com
Website: http://www.ICMediaDirect.com

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3QHOeY8qAM

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Sydney Visitors Discover a Better Way to Experience City and Its Surroundings

For the price of an impersonal group bus tour, travelers can instead book a private, customizable tour with an experienced local guide and dedicated vehicle, Daily Sydney Tours reports

Sydney is one of the top destinations for tourists, and there is no better way to see it and its surroundings than with Daily Sydney Tours. The company’s guided, private Sydney tours allow visitors to experience one of the world’s most beautiful cities at their own pace, with fully customized schedules and start times.

A spacious, comfortable vehicle is put at the service of every private tour group, while expert, highly informed guides are well equipped to detail each point of interest. For no more than the per-person price of a commercial bus tour, visitors can arrange a Sydney private tour, Blue Mountains tour, or any other excursion that can be completely customized to suit personal preferences.

A 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and five-star ratings at sites like TripAdvisor make it clear that Daily Sydney Tours has what it takes to showcase Sydney and its surroundings at their best. With so many people from all over the world coming to Sydney each year, Daily Sydney Tours’ many private, guided tour packages will be of great interest.

“Sydney is a truly beautiful city, and it lies within easy reach of some absolutely spectacular natural attractions like the Blue Mountains,” said Daily Sydney Tours co-founder and tour guide Korhan Karakoyun. “Many visitors to the area end up crowding onto buses with dozens of other tourists, all forced to stick to a set itinerary and schedule. Our private tours make for a far better way to experience this wonderful part of the world in every case. From the Rocks and Bondi Beach to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and the South Coast, we’re passionate about ensuring that visitors make the most of their time in this unforgettable area.”

In 2018 alone, Sydney welcomed more than 15 million overnight visitors, according to Destination NSW, the official tourism bureau for New South Wales. Just over 4 million of these were international guests, who combined with more than 11 million Australians to stay a total of about 110 million person-nights.

With all of these figures representing strong growth in recent years, Sydney is Australia’s most popular city with tourists and also one of the world’s leading travel destinations. Family-owned and -operated Daily Sydney Tours offers a wide range of packages that make it easy to experience all that Sydney and its surroundings have to offer. More information about each of the company’s private, personal tours is available at the Daily Sydney Tours website.

About Daily Sydney Tours:

Offering a wide range of private, customizable, customer-focused tours, family-owned Daily Sydney Tours is one of New South Wales’ best-reviewed and most frequently recommended tour operators.

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Name: Korhan Karakoyun
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Organization: Daily Sydney Tours
Address: 50 Gordon Cres Lane Cove 2066 NSW
Phone: +61449140301
Website: https://dailysydneytours.com/

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Harajuku Fever Holding A Free Online Webinar

HarajukuFever, the leader in kawaii fashion clothing, will hold a free online webinar.

USA – May 5, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ — HarajukuFever will be holding a free webinar online on May 5, 2019 called How to Spot The Best Kawaii Clothes for You. This webinar will reveal some of the tips on how to find the best kawaii fashion that will suit anyone.

Christina Ding will be leading the presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry leaders on choosing the best fashionable kawaii clothes. They can ask questions live and get information not readily available through other channels.

People interested in choosing the best fashionable kawaii clothes can register free at https://www.harajukufever.com/.

“As much as possible, we want to give a huge value to all our loyal customers out there. We have been in the business since 2016, and as of today, we are still currently growing not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of our reach and pageviews. This free webinar is intended to amplify our customer base. With this, we hope people will support our cause and continue to love our kawaii fashion items,” Ding stated.

About HarajukuFever

HarajukuFever was founded in 2016 and serves the Online Kawaii Shop industry. It is known for providing the best fashionable kawaii items such as backpacks, clothes, kawaii lingerie and many more.

Contact Info:Name: Christina Ding

Organization: Harajuku Fever

Address: USAPhone: +16195980006

Website: https://www.harajukufever.com/

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Fixed.net Launches Reseller White-label Maintenance Plans

Fixed.net launches white-label reseller plan to allow agencies to offer maintenance services to their customers, with fixed.net doing all the work through a brandable panel.

Fixed.net has launched a white-label reseller plan allowing agencies to utilise the expertise of the Fixed.net team as though they are simply another department in their company. The white-label model is ideal for companies that hope to expand their remit with their own clients to build revenue without any extra hassle or overhead costs.

The Fixed.net white-label solution is fully brandable giving clients the opportunity to reinforce their own branding and adapt the solution to their needs. Similarly, a white-label URL is used so that an agency’s clients will have a seamless experience including the website and email services. The agency’s clients will view this service as an extended value-added service and may never even find out that Fixed.net is behind it!

For agencies bringing outside support, the integrity and quality of the services is absolutely vital, especially when that company is acting on their behalf through a white-label solution. Fixed.net provides a clear and comprehensive set of services to ensure a great user experience for both the agency and their clients. With round the clock support, unlimited bug fixes and solutions for almost any website headache clients may experience, Fixed.net provides a safe pair of hands agencies can trust.

Fixed.net provide a wide range of services within their white-label package including: regular updates, security monitoring, 24/7 monitoring, unlimited small jobs, optional AWS hosting and twice daily backups. Backups and checks are also performed before any updates are made to client’s websites.

Using a white-label solution is the best way for small agency businesses to grow and offer more value to their customers. As Fixed.net charges the agency, and has nothing to do with billing the customer, the agency can work this service into their own monthly billing or even add it as a complimentary extra to build their client base. Furthermore, with bulk discounts on offer, the more an agency grows, the more they will get for their investment.

For more information about Fixed.net, please contact Freddie Pulsford on 0300 30 20 006, or email [email protected] Please address any postal queries to 5 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6PU and check out their website fixed.net for all the information you need.

Contact Info:
Name: Freddie Pulsford
Organization: Fixed.net
Address: 5 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6PU
Phone: 0300 30 20 006
Website: https://fixed.net/


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StablePoint launches cpanel hosting on top of AWS

StablePoint launches cPanel hosting to complement Amazon Web Services (AWS), becoming the first leading UK company to offer managed hosting on top of AWS.

StablePoint is a cloud hosting company run by the founders of Vidahost.com and Tsohost.com. After selling these incredibly successful ‘out of the garage’ businesses, founders Dom, Seb & Darren realised that there was a lack of technically proficient and reliable hosting available. It was this that spurred the trio on to create StablePoint with Sal Patel who founded Speedydot in 2017.

StablePoint was launched in 2018 and opened to the public in March 2019. In this short space of time, the 15-strong team has already made remarkable progress. The company has built it’s already well-known name through offering managed cPanel hosting launched on top of Amazon Web Services (also known as AWS). StablePoint is the first leading UK company to offer this service and with 10,000 websites hosted by their systems, it is clearly a major selling point for businesses.

There are 3 main packages StablePoint offers but any package can be upgraded to its own dedicated environment. Each package features a choice of 80+ locations, cPanel™ control panel or cPanel™/WHM and Unlimited SSD Storage and Bandwidth plus a range of additional features depending on the type of plan.

The plans start at a very modest £3.99 per month showing that a great service doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to achieve. And, even better, StablePoint offer a 5 year price promise to all their customers, guaranteeing that their hosting package won’t increase for at least 5 years. Charities and not-for-profit groups can also benefit from the one-site package deal for just £10 per year, an excellent saving.

Another key feature of StablePoint’s design is that any software can be installed and configured as part of the order process. This means that customers with very specific needs can use StablePoint’s hosting services just as easily as customers using software such as Magento or WordPress. With a combined 50 years of technical leadership, StablePoint’s staff are always on hand to make sure that their customers are happy.

For more information about StablePoint, please contact Sal Patel on 0203 918 5853, or email [email protected] Please check out their website stablepoint.com for all the information you need.

Contact Info:
Name: Sal Patel
Organization: StablePoint
Phone: 0203 918 5853
Website: http://stablepoint.com


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Mother In Alexander Law Group Case Now Speaking Out About Prenatal Testing Risks

Nicole Stremlau, represented by Alexander Law Group’s Nina Shapirshteyn and Emison Hullverson LLP’s Theo Emison, is calling life science company Natera’s flagship product into question amidst lawsuit.

In every sense of the word, Nicole Stremlau thought she was prepared for the birth of her second child. She did everything she thought was right, including taking a non-invasive prenatal test her doctor encouraged her to have. Created by life science company Natera, the Panorama test administered by Stremlau’s physician was supposed to inform her about her chances of her child being born with genetic abnormalities.

When analysis of Stremlau’s first sample showed no results, she sent in another at Natera’s suggestion. According to those results, Stremlau’s second sample on August 21st, 2016 indicated the fetus had a less than 1 in 10,000 chance of being born with Trisomy 21, better known as Down syndrome. As anyone can imagine, Stremlau, her family, and even her doctors were stunned when her daughter was born with Downs syndrome. With the help of Brain Injury Lawyer Nina Shapirshteyn of the Alexander Law Group, Stremlau is initiating a lawsuit against the company and bringing issues in the NIPT industry into the spotlight.

“Natera maintains their non-invasive prenatal tests are the most effective available, but Nicole’s experience proves that isn’t the case for everyone,” said Nina Shapirshteyn, the Personal Injury Attorney representing Stremlau. “We believe there have been serious missteps in the way Natera markets their products and informs families who are relying on them about their accuracy and reliability. Not only is there not much information furnished to patients about preventing false negative results, but they also don’t clearly explain the significance of the fetal fraction when analyzing those results.”

Nicole Stremlau is speaking out because she believes there needs to be more public discourse about this issue and that people need to be more aware of what’s going in and the risks involved with NIPT testing. She believes her family was “robbed of the opportunity to make informed decisions” because of what she believes is Natera’s misrepresentation of their Panorama product.

Attorney Shapirshteyn continued, “Both our team and our client hope that this lawsuit will not only compensate our client’s family for the medical care and counseling their daughter will need, but also bring about awareness and change when it comes to the information companies like Natera provide to consumers. We want these companies to understand that at the end of every transaction is a human being who simply wants to ensure the health of their child. We need more regulation and oversight to bring more transparency to this industry and protect vulnerable pregnant mothers.”

Visit alexanderlaw.com to stay informed about Alexandar Law Group’s latest cases and learn more about how a personal injury or Wrongful Death Lawyer from their team can help clients obtain the justice they deserve.

About Alexander Law Group, LLP:

Alexander Law Group, LLP is an award-winning personal injury law firm with offices in San Jose and San Francisco, California. The firm provides attorney services for those injured in auto accidents, wrongful death cases, brain & spinal cord injury, burns, defective products and insurance bad faith.

Contact Info:
Name: Nina Shapirshteyn
Email: Send Email
Organization: Alexander Law Group, LLP
Address: 99 Almaden Blvd. Suite 575
Phone: 4082891776
Website: https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/mother-speaks-up-about-risks-of-prenatal-testing/article_5739d5ca-38ab-11e9-a7bf-675355c57802.html

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Molded Apparel Launches New Eco-Conscious, Tailor-Made Clothing Brand

Sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics and processes are the key to creating better products and fostering a better world, publishes moldedapparel.com

Eco-friendly apparel is rising in popularity according to the latest reports from the fashion industry. At present, global consumers under the age of 35 largely base their clothing brand choices on material sources, composition, sustainability and resulting carbon footprint among other pertinent aspects. Analysts expect this upward trend to continue with each new generation to come. In response to this development, Stephan Reed of Eco Conscious Clothing Brand, Molded Apparel has launched the company’s new tailored, ecologically sound line of t-shirts and activewear.

“We put a great deal of time, energy and passion into developing our unique bamboo and cotton fabric blend,” said Reed, “and from the beginning, we set out to create better manufacturing processes for our clothing. The result of our efforts is a soft, breathable, durable shirts made to meld with active lifestyles and ethical mindsets. We invite anyone in search of eco-friendly, Custom Fit Clothes to learn more about what we have to offer.”

Based on information from the Molded Apparel website, the company uses an exclusive sizing process when creating its customized t-shirts. Five distinct measurement points are entered into an algorithm to generate clothing specifically tailored to each wearer. Rather than stocking a vast inventory of standard sizes, each piece is made to order based on the unique measurements provided by each customer.

In addition to personalized sizing, Molded Apparel adheres to a commitment to using sustainable materials and ethically responsible manufacturing. Its processes are carbon neutral, a feat accomplished by only a select handful of companies at this point. At the same time, the company has vowed to further its eco-friendly goals by planting a tree for each sale made.

Concluded Reed, “We’re passionate about our commitment to our customers as well as our planet. Our team proudly guarantees the fit, quality and comfort of our shirts and ensures our customers will never have a bad shirt day again with our Ethical and Sustainable Clothing. We encourage everyone looking for the perfect t-shirt to visit our website and find out for themselves what sets us apart in our industry.

About Molded Apparel:

Molded Apparel is a completely eco-friendly, Colorado-based apparel start-up dedicated to creating better products as well as a better world. The company maintains a carbon-neutral footprint through the use of sustainable materials and green practices, ensuring its impact on the planet is as positive as its effect on its customers.

Contact Info:
Name: Stephan Reed
Email: Send Email
Organization: Molded Apparel
Address: Longmont, Colorado, 80502
Phone: 5672081066
Website: https://www.moldedapparel.com/

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Falcon Marketing Now Offering Ecommerce Storefront Upgrades With Magento 2.0

The company wants to help online business owners boost their sales and streamline the ordering process with Magento’s newest features, reports falconmarketing.com.

Magento 2.0 is officially here, and the team at premier Magento development company Falcon Marketing, LLC is on a mission to help their clients as well as developers around the world see why it’s time for them to make the full transition to the Magento 2.0 platform. The company has published a web development guide detailing the improvements that have been made to the open-source, PHP-powered, third party-supported engine and is now offering Magento 2.0 to their own web design clients.

“The dawn of this new year also brought about a major shift in the web development industry. Having been very transparent about their end-of-life plans, Magento is excited about the release of the new and improved Magento 2.0 platform – and so are we. As a Magento development company that has been creating ecommerce websites for our clients for many years, we understand the concerns that some may have about upgrading to Magento 2.0 and want to help them understand why we think it’s so great and why we believe it will improve their online business,” said Yosef Adelman of Falcon Marketing Los Angeles.

Falcon Marketing’s new Magento 2.0 guide features in-depth coverage on the full spectrum of improvements and upgrades to the platform, including the complete re-haul of the admin panel along with quality of life fixes for product uploads, organization, navigation, checkout, and more. With an expert team of web developers who have over a decade of experience working in the ecommerce space and have built dozens of businesses and ecommerce storefronts from the ground up, Falcon Marketing is providing all the help business owners may need to revamp their stores and take advantage of all Magento 2.0 has to offer.

Adelman went on to say, “We highly recommend making the transition because this newest edition of Magento is so much more capable, streamlined, and will visibly and tangibly increase the quality and workflow of any user’s e-commerce platform. Although some of the features may seem small, even the most minor upgrades translate to huge improvements in usability and result in increased traffic, orders, and sales.”

Visit falconmarketing.com to learn more about Falcon Marketing and how they’re helping ecommerce business owners everywhere take their design and marketing to the next level with Magento 2.0.

About Falcon Marketing, LLC:

Falcon Marketing, LLC focuses on providing cutting-edge web design, app development, and online marketing services, including SEO and PPC campaign management. As an established enterprise in the online marketing industry, the company has been around since 2012 to help their clients improve and expand their online presence, increase their online revenue, and become household names in the eyes of their target audience. Falcon Marketing’s specialties include eCommerce, SEO, and B2B lead generation. Call today!

Contact Info:
Name: Yosef Adelman
Email: Send Email
Organization: Falcon Marketing, LLC
Address: 6442 Coldwater Canyon, Suite 200
Phone: 8665100185
Website: https://www.falconmarketing.com/e-commerce/magento-1-9-to-2-0-reasons-why-you-should-upgrade-today

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Union of Brazilian Councilors awards scientist for conducting innovative research and transfer of knowledge to municipalities

The President of the Union of Councilors of Brazil (UVB), Gilson Conzatti, conferred to Urandir Fernandes the Brazilian Personality Trophy, aimed at people and partners of UVB’s carrying out outstanding missions in the country.

More than three thousand people participated in the lecture given by the president of the Dakila Pesquisas Association, the scientist and ufologist Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, last Thursday (25), during the XVIII March of the Councilmen 2019, in Brasília (DF). Urandir detailed the results of some research carried out by the association, in partnership with scientists from Brazil and other global researchers, who bring new discoveries in the areas of astrology, geography, quantum physics, genetics, among others, and which can be useful to the whole society.

“Our work has much to do with the work of you councilors; our primary objective is to promote partnerships with municipalities to enhance knowledge, technologies and develop socio-economic projects,” said Urandir. He cited successful partnerships held in some municipalities in Brazil and also in Paraguay and Bolivia, and made it clear that everything is carried out with equity, through the social bonus called Dourado, created by the association.

Among the research, he cited the Convex Earth, which resulted in a documentary released worldwide in 13 languages last year. “For seven years we have conducted several scientific experiments that proved that the Earth is flat in the waters and convex on the continents. After the release of this documentary, which has already had more than 6 billion views, we were searched by hundreds of scientists from around the world and are helping us in our second documentary about the anomaly of the celestial bodies, “said the association’s president.

According to him, these findings promote intense changes. “Changes the period and productivity of plantations, changes how magnetism affects the human body, change various theories of physics, among other issues,” Fernandes said. He also quoted a research, conducted in partnership with the University of São Paulo (USP-São Carlos), on biomembrane for skin replacement and another, in partnership with several laboratories, to test a cocktail to cure Alzheimer’s and ills of Parkinson’s disease.

Awards and honors
According to the research and socio-economic projects carried out by Dakila, the President of the Union of Councilors of Brazil (UVB), Gilson Conzatti, conferred to Urandir Fernandes the Brazilian Personality Trophy, aimed at people and partners of UVB’s carrying out outstanding missions in the country. “The work carried out by Dakila is extremely important for Brazil, so with great affection, enthusiasm and gratitude, UVB makes a point of delivering the Brazilian Personality trophy to Urandir Fernandes,” said Gilson, stating that ufology “makes people see beyond what our eyes can see.”

In the same event, Urandir received from the president of the Union of Chambers of Councilors of Mato Grosso do Sul (UCVMS), Jeovani Vieira, plaque of homage for “researches conducted on Convex Earth and for the new discoveries on the planet.”

About Dakila
Founded in 1997, Dakila Research is a non-profit Brazilian institution whose purpose is to promote economic and social development, aiming at combating poverty and misery; conduct studies and research, produce and disseminate technical and scientific knowledge, and develop alternative technologies, among other actions.

Headquartered in São Paulo (SP) and Corguinho (MS), it has research centers in 10 other Brazilian capitals and nine countries (United States, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Spain, Chile, France, Japan and Germany).

Besides the trophy and plaque received during the UVB event, Urandir Fernandes, representing the association, has been honored with several recognitions, medals, citizenship titles and other honors. He recently received the Medal of Merit Tiradentes by the General Command of the Military Police of the MS; Worth of Congratulation by the MS Legislative Assembly; Title of Rochedo (MS) Citizen; commemorative plaque for the contribution of the association for the development and growth of the municipality of Corguinho (MS), among others.

Websites: http://www.dakila.com.br and http://convexearth.org

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Name: Press Department
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Organization: Dakila Research
Website: http://www.dakila.com.br

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